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Candy 'n sweets graphics

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♥ a graphics journal dedicated to my fandoms
♥ feel free to "friend"/bookmark me
♥ icons/avatars, banners, desktop wallpapers, iPhone/iPod/iPad wallpaper backgrounds,...
♥ your suggestions

- I believe in policy: "give credit where credit is due"
-- so, please credit me (if planning to use the graphics on the net)
-- you could save the graphic and name it as "candynsweets1"
and "candynsweets2" etc, or have a link back to my journal
- no hot-linking of images PLEASE!
-- please, get your own image host
-- there are many places that are hosting images for free;
-- such as: Imageshack or Photobucket
- if you have further questions please contact me
- Thank you. :)



or just by a plain text link.

icons_box seeingyouaround
bunny_icons wafflemixrain
spanishevenstar too_dangerous
sinister_morgue desafiante
pinknylon sweetpealayouts
rockin_graphix eighteleven
icontradiction atomicbeauty_nb

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